Sunday, May 13, 2012

Caleb Turns 6 At Focus On The Family

Caleb's birthday happened while we were in Colorado so my girls had the great idea to celebrate him at the Focus On The Family Welcome Centre.
Our family is majorly into Adventures In Odyssey and the Welcome Center has an incredible AIO themed... exhibit? play area? {not sure what to call it}

They also host birthday parties.
We booked the fire station room.

My 6 year old with a
 VERY loose front tooth!
{please note: I did not make this cake on vacation.  We purchased it from Whole Foods.  I do have my limits!}

Cool room!

The toddler play room complete with 4 walls of vibrant paintings and a soft, squishy floor.

This is my adorable nephew Jakob and my brother Eric.
We loved spending time with Eric, Sarah and Jakob.
I wish we lived closer!

Jakob and Caity are two months apart. 
Caity is younger but she talks to Jakob like she is his mom.
Funny girl of mine:)

Uncle Eric helped Caleb put together his new Lego set.

Coolest part of Focus;
KYDS Radio!
The girls got to record an episode of AIO and they got a CD to take home.
They were so great and they enjoyed it tremendously.
It was fascinating to see how a radio show comes together.

Getting set up at the microphones.

More Lego-ing.

The ice cream shop.
So well done.
Like Disneyland.
Seriously, SO AWESOME!!

A big play structure for little kids.
Caity was so proud that she could do it independently!

Crickets and birds chirping, butterflies fluttering, even the stairwell's details were looked after.

All the frames have paintings to represent different AIO shows.
Look at the ceiling, loved all the little touches.

Mads putting on a puppet show.

Jakob looking at a replica of Whit's End.

Breezy pointing at something?

Caleb put his head in each hole and smiled for a picture.
He was so excited to be here for his special day.

On the stage!

How cute are these little cousins?!?!?!  

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Bev said...

What a party day! Caleb will never forget this special birthday. Can't wait to hear the radio show they recorded!
LOVE the photo of Cambria pointing/dancing!