Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dance Show 2012

Tonight was the year end dance show for Creators.

Caity got her first curls for the show!

I still haven't finished posting pictures from our trip to Colorado but I can't help myself, I have to share the dance pics!!

Me and Mads backstage.
One of my favourite parts about the dance show is volunteering to work backstage.
I love helping my girls and their friends to get ready and I love to see the whole show come together from an insider's perspective.

Here's your backstage pass...

Mikayla and a few of the other girls from her hip hop class.

Mikayla in her ballet costume.

This year Mikayla had a few dances close together so she had to do a few "quick changes".
This is the spot.


{Mikayla is in blue}

My girl has become such an awesome dancer!
I loved watching her tonight!

My sweet ballerinas!
I love both of these costumes, they are so pretty!!

Pensive look.
In the chef costume and ready to go on stage.
This year Mikayla had an acting role in the show.

Maddie and some friends

My 3 big girls!

Mailee and some of her ballet class.


 This year I wasn't able to take pictures from the audience so there are no pictures of the actual show.

I'm so thrilled that the girls love to dance. The studio has an awesome vision and so many great people attached to it.  Such a blessing.

A Christian dance studio was a nice idea when Mikayla was 4 and I wanted to see her in a tutu. I had no idea how long my girls would dance and how wonderful it would be to have them at a studio that cares about helping the girls grow in character and relationships, makes sure their music is tasteful and the costumes are beautiful and modest.

We love Creators!!

Grandma Bev came for the dance show weekend!
She even hung out backstage during the dress rehearsal and helped with mending.
I have a feeling that after tonight she will be hooked on coming to their dance shows:)

So much loving support!

Aunty Terri faithfully drove the girls to dance every Thursday.

 Mikayla ended up willing an award for her hard work and positive attitude.
I was one proud momma all around tonight.

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Meadow Brianna said...

So great! I love seeing their dance pictures every year. :-) Dancers all the way!