Monday, May 14, 2012

Garden of the Gods with New Friends

We really enjoyed The Garden of the Gods with the Rolfe family especially because it was the first time our kids all got to meet

I wish we were next door neighbours; the kids had a blast together, Mike and Daniel are two peas in a pod and Laurie and I must have been cut from the same cloth.
Happily, they are coming here at the end of June so we are all anticipating another fun week!

This is before we purchased sunglasses:)
{mike's shirt says "Hey man, I got your back"}

Mailee making the squeeze...

Way to go Caleb!

Even Caity did it!


Cambria and Hannah

They have 7.
We have 6.
(one kids is not pictured)

Family shot.

Can you see the "kissing camels"?

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Bev said...

Love the picks of the kids squeezing through the rocks! Such cute expressions ! Your families look great together...what fun to think of all the relationships!