Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Smiley Mailee

Mailee put this bridesmaid dress on for a tea party the other day and she looked so grown up.
Not like an adult "grown up".
Just bigger.
More mature.
Less little girl.
Further away from the needing me days.

I love this free spirited happy go lucky kid.
She can use her imagination better than anyone I know.
She gets lost in anything that touches her fancy.
She is free of judgement and worry.

She's the family pancake maker,
most likely to sneak to the bathroom during clean up time,
the ultimate savour-er of tasty food,
and at times Punky Brewster-like in her style.

This girl knows who she is.
She makes me so proud.
Needing me less is not all bad, she is growing into a lovely young lady!!

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