Friday, May 20, 2011


So here's the deal, this is Insta-Friday.
I take ramdom photos all the time through out the day.  
On their own, these photos are rarely blog post worthy.  Without Insta-Friday these images would likely end up taking space on my hard drive for years with no other purpose.

With Insta-Friday, these images all get smooshed together into one big happy post all about "what we did this week"

I know the pictures are not top quality.
But all the cool Insta-edits sure are fun!

 Teacher Amber came to drop off our 2nd semester Portfolios.  
We love Teacher Amber!

We got Jenga!  
It's as fun as an adult as I remember it being as a kid.
The pieces smell like chipotle seasoning.
The kids think that is hilarious.  
They say "it smells like BBQ" Everytime they open the game.

Caleb got this game for his birthday.
Animal Planet's Creature Features.
So fun.
Highly recommended. 

In order for us to get to California this summer, our newborn needs a passport.
As if I'd be nursing someone else's baby standing in the border crossing office at 11pm with my 5 other cookie cutter kids...
As if I'd steal a baby when I already have 5...
Whatever border patrol.

Here's her mug shot.

Love this.
Longing for a few updates to the wardrobe.
Still rocking this outfit pretty much exclusively.

I am not a pet person.
My kids seem to think I should be.
They tried to tempt me with this cute pup.

I reverted to my go-to line:
"I take care of kids, not animals.  Don't talk to me about getting a pet until every member of our family can feed themselves, clothe themselves, and take care of their own potty needs."

Aunty Terri is gonna have a baby.
Really soon.
We are so excited!

Needs no words.

Grocery shopping helpers:
Cait and Cambria.
Super helpful helpers.
{enter sarcastic tone here}

My Grammie is 94.
She is moving.
She wants me to have her tea cups.
So special.
I love that she thought of me,
I love that I have so many little girls that will be thrilled with this fantastic collection.

We had friends over.
They brought a cool toy.

We rented Justin Beiber's movie.
He's good!
I'm a fan.

We are trying to stay on task with school.  
It's tricky with a new baby and our cute toddler but we got quite a bit accomplished this week.

Maddie did her own make up one afternoon just for fun.
Fancy dancy.
Oh to have that fresh skin...

Mike holds a Community Dinner the third Monday of each month.
I love seeing him in action!
I also love the night off from cooking!!

Maddie screams and struggles the entire 10 minutes it takes me to put them in.
No Joke.
{It would probably only take 6 minutes if she'd sit still.}

While the other kids are playing, Mikayla keeps working.

I planted my tomatoes.
Five different varieties of organic heirlooms.
Super stoked.

This is her feet when she nurses.
Ahhh. So sweet!

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