Friday, May 13, 2011

Insta Friday

My phone goes everywhere with me.  
I love capturing random moments that would have passed by undocumented if it weren't for my trusty iphone.

Here's this week's randomness...

Cambria sported her first friendship bracelet.
Her {6 year old BOY} cousin Ethan made it for her.
It's so cute.
He was so cute making it and so proud giving it to her!!

Have you done friendship bracelets with your kids?
They are so fun and you can modify the degree of difficulty as they get older.

Chick-a-dee weighed in at 9 pounds 5 ounces at her final midwife appointment.
She's not obeying.
 She keeps growing against my wishes!

Caiters often sneaks my phone and does things like this.
Once she forfeited my Words with friends game for me.
Once she called the midwife.
It's out of hand.

What's up with a 2 year old mastering technology quicker than me??

Glorious sunshine poured down on us this week.
So great.


Once you've had a baby at home, there is no other way!
Don't knock it till you've tried it.

Old bib.
Loved bib.
Test of time?  passed.

My beautiful 11 year old gets a hold of my phone sometimes too.
And does this.
She has also played Words with friends for me.
And she makes all my calls and texts for me while I am driving.

This is my go-to outfit.
 Like seriously.
It works and not much else does
Or I don't have the desire/energy to figure anything else out.

In my town we have a fantastically huge Canadian flag.  
It's massive.
See it?
Me either last time I was in town.
It kinda bugs me that it is gone.
Mostly cause I don't know the "why" in the matter.
Ya I'm a little nosey. 

Cleaning out Caleb's room I found this.
Those ain't kid bites in that there easter candy.
No, they are much smaller.
Yuckety Yuck yuck.

Precious little #6.
Sometimes she has to wait to get her needs met.

Remember Zach the Lego Maniac?
Meet Caleb the Playmobil Maniac.
Lame rhyme? Maybe.
True? YES!

Best part?  Mailee and Maddie love to play too.  
They disappear for hours and play nicely together. 
 It makes them happy and makes my house quiet.

Green Drink.
Spinach, Kale, Lettuce, Broccoli Sprouts.
Good stuff.

Used to be a "have-to" drink.
Now they ask for more.

We told Cait her buns were eating up her swimsuit.
She thought it was funny and didn't want to fix it.
I'm glad.
It's pretty cute.

Mailee would be considered "Mommy #3"
{after Myself and Mikayla}
She specializes in making pancakes, holding bouncing and "shushing", and car seat buckling.

Toddler Time at the library.
At the end they give each toddy a sticker and a stamp.

For myself and the other kids?
We get songs that stuck in our heads all week.
"wake up wake up wake up sleepy bunnies"
over. and over. and over.

Cait is a finger sucker/hair twirler.
Here are the results of a particularly intense sucky-twirly session.
This one had to be snipped out.

This reminds me of 9 years ago.
sniff sniff.
Sweet memories.

Blogging back-up.
Big time.

I need a stunt double to help me do it all.

Sister power.
I am jealous of them.
Spend hours outside pretending to be a princess?
Yes please.

Do you have Instagram?
You should, it's so fun!

Once you have it, link up!!


The Denis Family said...

when do you go to storytime? We went at 10:30 this past Wed....

gin said...

love the pics of your kids!!

Jeannett said...

Ha! I love the bathing suit buns!!!!

Bev said...

I love the little glimpses of life! The swimsuit buns are the cutest....the twisty-sucky hair not so much!!!

Grandpa Russ said...

Love all the photos,

BUT. . .

The quality using Instagram isn't very good.

All grainy and the color's off (very yellowish).

Still love that you take so many and share, tho!!


The Perfect Housewives said...
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