Friday, December 3, 2010

California Redwoods

We took the long way down to San Fransico on our trip so that we could see the large California Redwoods.  Wow, they are amazing!  The kids are going to create reports on what they saw and learned in the Redwood Grove.

Here are some of my favourite photos...

 Beautiful sunlight peeking through the trees.

 Showing baby the big trees.  It's funny, we don't use a stroller very often with Caiters because she has soo many people to hold her!

 Supersized clovers! So pretty!

 The big girls located some fungi.  It looked pretty yucky!!

 Having fun int he forest.

 Caleb found a "gun".

 One of the girls captured Mike and I surrounded in God's amazing creativity, sun shining thru the trees.  So beautiful.

Little Cub in the big big forest.


Jill Macknicki said...

I think when you took the "long way" you came right by us. Where did you stop to visit the trees?

Jones Family said...
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Jones Family said...

I remember visiting the redwoods last year as if it were the other day! It was THAT beautiful and impacting- So glad you guys took the 'long' way, even though, with 5 kiddies it's a real sacrifice- but hopefully you felt it was worth it! BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS! x0x