Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Favourite Things

This year has been fantastic.  I thought I'd share some of my favourite things about 2010!!

***on a side note, allow me to vent for a moment...I am STILL waiting for my Christmas card order to come.  We are going on 3 weeks now.  I tried a new service, took a chance.  Will NOT do that again.  In my need to send out something before the new year but being too stubborn to go buy a replacement card, I am writing this list and asking that you all consider this your card from the Banmans.  Check out the adorable photos along the side to see our cute kids and know that my intentions were good, my choice in printing companies, NOT SO GREAT.

NOW, back to the list:
2010 Favourite Things

-Kids + chores assigned for 2 months at a time = GOOD THING

-New baby on the way!  Coming in March 2011.  *Kinda* hoping we can provide Caleb with a brother..wouldn't that be nice?  Will be completely thankful either way of course!

-Awesome trip to Dallas just Mike and me.  I am so thankful that we were able to leave 5 kiddos behind and feel at complete peace that they would all be fine with Tammy.  What a gift!

-Maddie learned to read.  She is helpful and eager and does everything with full gusto!

-Kids switched to school at home.  We are learning as we go.  I love that the big kids are home and that I can play a bigger role in their education, the building of their character, watching as they are strengthening their relationships with God, and so many more important elements.

-Fig & Ruby (hair bow business) has been a steady income and FUN for me.  I did a lot of events and met a lot of new people this year.  I am torn between this enjoyable "side job" and my fulfilling "real job" {mommy/teacher to 5}  I imagine as long as my family has grace for snips of ribbon on the floor, I will continue to enjoy pretty-ing up Kelowna!

-Survived a night alone on the Coquihalla (dark mountain pass between Kelowna and Vancouver) just me and the kids thanks to a dead transmission in our Odessey... got a new vehicle out of the experience:)

-Mailee got her ears pierced!  She has grown in her confidence so much.  This girl knows who she is and what she likes.

-Amazing trip to California, got to see MOST of my family.  SO great!

-2 of my best friends had babies

-Mike is more on purpose and excited about work than ever, it's so fun to see him have a passion to help people and to share his message of HOPE with people in our town.

-Caitlyn's presence in our home has gotten bigger, cuter, stronger.  She has been so much fun for all of us!

-We are TV-free...we still have one, but we don't have channels.  We enjoy downloading one or two shows and renting movies here and there.  This is such a great thing!

-Mikayla is not a little girl anymore.  She is growing more beautiful and graceful everyday.  I am realizing how imperative encouragement, guidance, hugs and a strong foundation will be as we steer toward the next 5 years with our first born.

-I got a MAC...a has lots of storage for my is pretty....I am not very good at sharing it:)

-We had visitors. There is something satisfying about having MY people, from where I came from, come HERE to our home.  Not sure how to explain it but it means a lot to have visitors:)  Court, Dad, Mom...we loved having you here!

-Colorado: just me and Mike and Cait, 3 uninterrupted crafting/shopping days with Gretch, my best friend in the whole world, and our girls (who are 1 day apart in age) not much could be better!  Also visiting the Rolfe family of 9, being encouraged by their closeness and forming a new friendship with Laurie whom I can already tell will be a source for wisdom and encouragement in the years to come!

-Caleb turned 4.  Our boy is sweet and excitable and mastering the ropes of being the only boy in a home full of girls.  He loves the WII, puzzles and is really interested in learning his letters.

-Help with cleaning.  Mike has blessed me with a little angel named Patricia who comes once a week and whips this place into shape.  This is such a relief for me.  YAY!

-We still happily have NO PETS.

-The girls changed rooms, Maddie (6) chose to share with Caitlyn(1 1/2) and Mikayla(11) chose to give up having her own room to share with Mailee(9).  I love that they like to share rooms{most of the time}!

-Family photos in SF.  We love that City; we got engaged there, we spent 3 years there when the girls were babies, it was so fun to go back and get family photos with my sweet friend Jaime this November.

-A Praying House.  We stepped up the prayer time in our home.  What a difference it makes to come together at the feet of our Father and cast all our cares on HIM!

Praying your 2011 will be full of fun memories, meaningful relationships, and a deeper knowledge and understanding of Christ's love for you and your family!

***and here comes the close of my "Christmas Card" ****

Love, The Banmans
Mike & Colleen
Mikayla, Mailee, Maddie, Caleb, Caitlyn and Baby "C"


riahayden said...

Greatest Card Colleen! Belated Merry CHristmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.


Stephanie said...

Hey Colleen! Just wondering if by chance it's Mac that you used to print your cards...if so...send a little friendly email...they put the wrong babe on Levi's birth announcement (kinda funny...little freaky), which meant they needed to be reprinted...which they did super fast...but it meant that Levi was no longer 'newborn' when they got sent out, so I sent a simple nice email and they refunded us the full amount:) Gotta love getting free birth announcements!

On that note...if you didn't use mac...try them out! We always get great service from them:)

Blessings!..and thanks for a year of encouraging thoughts on your blog!!