Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mikayla's Birthday Day Recap

One of the perks to homeschooling is that we can have a birthday brunch on a random tuesday and every member of the family can be there!  That is what we did today.  

Here is Mikayla opening her gift.  She was surprised!
(a sweater from Abercrombie that she fell in love with in California but I told her was out of her budget)

Special dinner out on the town at Earls{on top} with fun friends.
(Mikayla wearing new grey striped sweater)

Wow, this girl is growing up before my very eyes.  I can't believe it!

Silly girls striking a pose:)
Taylor Swift was pumping thru the speakers the entire night.  Lots of goofy giggling and loud singing.

Marble Slab, a perfect ending to a fabulous birthday day.

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Grandpa Russ said...

What a great young lady you've got there! Glad she had a wonderful time on her birthday!

I want to go to Earl's, too!

Love from Fresno!