Monday, November 1, 2010

The Feathery Halloween

 Halloween costume planning always starts with Mikayla.  
Most things start with Mikayla. 
She is on top of it and likes to get things done in advance.  
She decided to be a peacock and get another use out of her gorgeous tutu from last year's ballet.  Jenaya wanted to be a peacock as well.  We made masks on sticks and bought some extra feathers.

The extra feathers went in their hair.  
the whole thing made me happy we got another use out of the expensive ballet suit:)

I wish I had a picture of her was gold sparkles and green and so swirly and pretty!

Mailee chose a pretty yellow dress out of the dance costume bin and wanted to be a canary.  We bought the yellow tights and she was thrilled.  The night before Halloween, she decided that dress was not comfy {very important element for miss Mailee} and she went hunting for something else.
I give you, my little flamingo.

We had one vintage hat shell left for we glue gunned feathers {that we pulled off the boa} all over, added the french netting, some tulle, more feathers and some rhinestones.

I was happy that she was thrilled with her last minute switch.

I had an adorable sunflower costume that I borrowed from a friend.  Maddie loved it until two nights before Halloween when the girls started trying on and talking about their bird theme.

One trip to Michaels for a piece of sparkly white craft foam
a dip in the dance bin
an hour with the glue gun, some felt, rhinestones, feathers and an old shirt with a big pattern in the middle..

...and WA-LA, here's my little swan!

I really loved the way her shirt and mask turned out.  

 Okay, I know it looks like he is not happy about it but I promise, Caleb was stokked on his costume.  You'll see why his heart wasn't in the picture if you continue looking...

ANYWAYS, Tammy and I decided if most of {at the time} the girls were birds, it would be so cut to make the boys something theme related.

Here is my little bird watcher!

My little owl baby!
Jenny at Nut & Satchi executed my owl hat vision perfectly.
I made sure she made it to match the pettiskirt from Grandpa.

Really, that would have been enough but I was so excited about the cuteness I bought some felt and made a little cape.
Then I bought some tulle and made a little tutu.
Completely unnecessary but I was obsessed and I wanted to keep going:)

 Our first stop was the mall.  The big kids did their thing while the owl baby got a free ride in her strolly. Do you see her cute owl treat bag?  She was quite excited when she realised the funny looking people at the stores were putting candies in her bag!

Aunty Terri got some great practice manoeuvring the stroller for next year when she'll have one of her own!

Eventually Owl baby wanted to be held and also wanted to eat her treats.  
Pair this with no nap
Talk about scary!

Here are all the beautiful birdies.  
One is having a melt down but I would go out on a limb and say she is still cute...Yes?

After the mall we all headed to Grandma Cricks.  I have no photos of that but we enjoyed a mini feast and some nice visiting.

 Now here is why Caleb wasn't totally into the earlier photo shoot...
His birdwatching buddies weren't there!

These costumes were easy.  The little owls we got at Michaels in the clearance for .69!  We just glued them and some feathers to the hat and that was it.  
Next time, I would attach strings to the hats so they can wear them around their necks.  I ended up holding Caleb's all night.

Happy peacock!

Cute owl got a lot of help from Daddy.
I just took photos but don't worry, I will offer her a lot of help in eating her treats:)

Getting to take her own candies and put them in her bag...big stuff!!

I love how all the kids look after Caiters!

You know I love all my kids equally but let's get real, this was Cait's first official go at the trick or treat thing so she needs a few more pictures than the rest of them, right?

Little owl's favorite item that went in her treat bag: juice boxes.
If she was given a juice box, she wanted to stop everything and take a minute to sip it down.

Cuteness overload I tell you!

With all the hype the night before Halloween over the bird theme, I got in the mood and made myself  little costume...

I hope you had a great night as well!  
What did your kids dress up as? Please share a link if you posted pics!


Obwald Family said...

yay! LOVE the bird theme. It was hard to get the kids up this morning. :) miss you and can't wait for US Thanksgiving!!

The Hayes Family said...

Beautiful! and LOVE the pregnant belly! Welcome, new babe!

Bev said...

What a great blog!!! Love the evolution of all the costumes and the descriptions of how they came to be!! All precious and fun. Love your belly egg! The three boys were perfect! ALL on a theme! Don't count on it again soon....Wish I had been there:)

Grandpa Russ said...

Looks like a great time was had by all!

Any word yet if it's a hen or a rooster that's nesting??

colleen banman said...

I think it's going to be a surprise when the egg cracks dad:) (k that was a little "punny" humor just for you, kinda not my style but i know you'll like it:)

Meadow Brianna said...

wowowow!!! I am so amazed by you, Momma Birdie! Those costumes are truly fabulous! Way to go!! I love your Nesting shirt. So cute!!