Monday, May 31, 2010

The Jungle Book

Last weekend Mikayla and Maddie performed in their year end dance recital.

The studio where the girls dance is really unique.  It is a Christian based arts center so the costumes and music are always really tasteful.  I like that.  When we started Mikayla in dance I was determined to avoid ever watching my kid in hot pants and a bra top dancing to Brittany Spears.  This will not happen at Creators.  I love the positive, encouraging, loving environment.  There is no pressure and the kids are encouraged to enjoy themselves.  The other thing that I love is that the year end recital is a show.  The studio picks a theme and all the classes create their performances to go within that story.

This year's show was The Jungle Book and it was fantastic!  I was proud to have an ant and a parrot (Maddie), a frog princess and a vulture(Mikayla).

Maddie is on the far left in red.  She did so well and had a smile on her face the whole time but she informed me that dance is not for her and she does not want to do it next year.

 Tap dancing ants!  Maddie is second from the right.

 Ugh!  I don't know enough about my camera!  I should have read the book again before the show!  Darn. Anyways, Mikayla is on the end.  This is her vulture jazz dance.  You know, from The Jungle Book, "We're your friends..."

This year Mikayla almost quit ballet after the first week.  Thankfully one of the teachers called and talked her out of it and I am so glad.  This year the girls improved so much.  They were doing "real ballet" and I was so proud.  Their tutus were pretty fabulous too!  Mikayla has danced with a few of these girls since she was 4! 

 I helped at the afternoon show so I got a few photos from the wings.  Here is my serious dancer.  She is glad she stuck with ballet and is looking forward to next year!

I love the movement in this photo!  Mikayla is on the far left.


Bev said...

Beautiful! So fun to see how graceful smiley they are! Only thing that would make it better is if I could have been there!!

The Mills Family said...

Wow, such cool photos! I really like the back stage ones. I'm sure that was a proud moment for you :)

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