Wednesday, October 6, 2010

School at "The Patch"

Today "Banman Academy" enjoyed a gorgeous sunny fall day at the Mcmillan Pumpkin Patch.

 Caiters is so happy her big sisters do school at home so she can enjoy every day with them:)
In the pen is a pot bellied pig.  The kids were fascinated with the pig.

 We teamed up with "Jay Stang Elementary" for this group outing.  It has been such fun experiencing this year of school at home with the cousins!

 Checking out a donkey in the field.

 Inspecting the many sizes and shapes of gourds.

And now, a few of my favourite photos of the 8 cousins!

Aren't they a sweet group?  I am so very thankful to be raising our kids in the same town as Tammy & Jason.  My kids adore their cousins and they have such a great time together.  Tonight Maddie is having a sleepover there and Jenaya is sleeping over here.  What fun!

Tammy & I are able to encourage one another in parenting, being a wife, a sister, a friend.  This year especially, with the interesting challenges that homeschooling brings, it has been so valuable to be able to  discuss, lament and celebrate together.  We talk each other off the ledge from time to time as well:)

It wouldn't seem right to end this post with anything else but a little Cait-Bear cuteness!!


Bev said...

What fun!! I feel like I was there!!

whereyouleadme said...

me too Bev..they are a sweet bunch and great photos colleen!!! Enjoy this beautiful fall weather outdoors while its here..warms my heart to see them all enjoying life together!!!

Meadow Brianna said...

how fun! I like getting to watch the school adventure unfold!

banmanlandfan said...


8 cousins

and that number isnt gettin any smaller

tammy said...

I love being able to share this adventure with you! thanks for the fun time at the Patch!

The Hayes Family said...

Really cute! Love Cait's pumpkin hat. Soph has one similar. Wish we could get some pics of the girls together!