Monday, October 4, 2010

Exploration Day

Wednesdays are Exploration Days for Grade One.  I take the three little ones out to enjoy God's creations on Wednesday.  They love it.  Here is last Weds...

Caleb found a huge slingshot on our walk!

Todays assignment was to look for fall leaves and interesting wildflowers and grasses to press.

Cait is showing me a little flower in her hand.  What a funny girl, she wants to do exactly what the big kids do!

Oh- well, this has nothing to do with exploring but I just got a new lens so I couldn't help myself!  {Check out Cait's tummy!}

They were really enjoying the photo shoot.  Ha ha.

Maddie's favourite find of the day- a tall grass with these furry "tails" at the top.  She said "Mom, look, I'm a cat!!"
Preparing to press the finds.  So excited to open he big heavy book in a few days and see the treasures!!


The Hayes Family said...

So fun! LOVE Cait's belly.

Let's chat on what lens you have b/c Danica told me about one that I need for close up pictures. Also, need to chat about how to get action shots and with them not blurry.

Holly said...

Your kids are SO cute Colleen! Looks like you're doing just fine as a teacher! LOVE the hands on approach! Great job girl!

Holly said...
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Holly said...

SO sorry for the duplicate comments!! Not sure what happened there..... eeeek ???