Monday, October 25, 2010

Mailee Is 9!

My sweet little second born is 9 today.  I remember being 9, it wasn't THAT long ago:)

Mailee had a fun day today, I let the kids do school in their pajamas for the first time and I also let them sleep in.  She got to open a gift from Grandpa first thing in the morning(it was a big hit Dad- thank you!) I had the other kids help with Mailee's chores so her load was lightened.

We ate potato pancakes and croissant sandwiches for Mailee's "special meal".

Mailee has been a joy to have in our family.  She wears her heart on her sleeve and empathizes with others.  She is helpful and loving and creative and graceful.

I am so thankful for this girl!
Happy Birthday Mailers!

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Meghan McKinnon said...

She has such a beautiful little heart. I'm so excited to watch her grow into such a precious young woman one day! Love you Mai tai. xoxo