Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day Of {HOME} School

Potentially, we could have started at 10.  We could have worn our jammies all day, we could have gone to the beach with a bunch of the other homeschoolers for the "not back to school beach day".

We could have.
But we didn't.  
That's not us.
At least that's not me.

We got up at 7, made beds, ate breakfast, did hair, got dressed, stood out front and took the traditional "back to school" photo and were all ready to go at 8am.  All that went really smoothly and quite "perfectly" for the most part.  The rest of the day was a little rough and not quite as seamless as I envisioned it.

I didn't think about the fact that my kids would still act like my kids during school hours.
I guess I thought they would display the exemplary behaviour I have heard about over the years from their school teachers.

Not so much.

All the same family drama followed us into the schoolroom.

"She's sitting too close"
"you took my pencil"
"that's not fair"
"I want a snack"
"No! I don't want to do that"

At times I was wondering if this was going to work but I had a peace the entire day.  I had one thought that kept rolling through my head; the kids are home with me, that these hours together are going to be quality hours of working toward a goal together as a team, that their character and the health of their souls is going to be enriched by these hours spent together and that this is such a fantastic opportunity to embrace this role that I have as their mother, their teacher, their sister in Christ!!

As comforting as those thoughts were, they were battled by the rest of my feelings.  I get hung up on the schedule and the panic that it may not all get done or that we may fall into laziness or that we {I} might fail miserably.

YIKES!!!  I suppose I need to relax a bit.  K maybe a lot but give me a break, baby steps please!

Anyways, I am excited to try again tomorrow.  All the kids were also very eager to know what we would do tomorrow so I think that is all in all a WIN for team Banman!

I must add here that Mike is the best team-mate a girl could ask for!  He has taken on the math responsibility, been willing to help and offer encouragement, and he's cute to look at too:)

And the rest of our team...

Caleb: Starting Preschool.

Maddie: Starting Grade One

Mailee: Starting Grade Four
(she won the award for changing her outfit the most times before school started:)

Mikayla: Starting Grade Five
(she had hot pink converse she was planning to wear for the picture but she had freshly painted nails so that prevented her from being able to put on her shoes:)...thought you may appreciate the inside scoop!!

Look at those little scholars!

Never too young to learn something new!
(check out that new owie...she ran into the corner of a wall yesterday)

So proud of his finished project!

My little *teeny* bit of structure!
(they wipe things off as they finish their tasks.  When their row is clear, they are done for the day!)

Maddie spending some learning time with Caiters.  SO cute!

Here she is showing off her "work".  She was very proud and so was Maddie!

Posing for my picture, my last little team member!  Caitlyn: not yet a school girl but VERY interested in all the new activity at our house!!

I am excited to take on this new challenge.  Not sure how I will make bows and plan birthdays and sleep and have a new baby too but I am sure that God has a plan and the more I ask, the more He will guide me.


Bev said...

What fun to read about and see pictures of the first day of school!!! So glad you are able to be honest and see the humor in the reality! God will bless your efforts! I wish I could be there to enjoy it with you!

Grandpa Russ said...


The Journey begins!

I'm very, very proud of you!


Jenny said...

Wow, looks great. Love the chart idea, they get to work on what they want as long as it all get done.
Have you read about the Reggio method of teaching? I have a book you can read, if you are interested...about teaching the whole child, following their interest...would work beautifully for home schooling.
Now I want to do it...

Eric & Sarah said...

WOW your brave!

The Hayes Family said...

OK, so many comments!
- LOVE the first day of school pictures. Classic, and so necessary regardless of where the school is!
- Soph has matching shoes with Cait. They are here "fun shoes" so cute and thanks, Target!
- Maddie and the hello kitty. So grown up and mature and then such a kid with the hello kitty sweatshirt.
- Speaking of.. you are wearing jeans and sweatshirts! I wish is was fall here.. we still are in our summer clothes.
- The organization chart...even Cait Bear has activities!! LOVE IT! Keeps her little hands out of trouble to keep her organized too.
- Meal al Prep for the week.. you go, girl! I need to get better at planning. Looks like your chart is a GREAT way to stay on top of it and on course.

Overall, SO PROUD of you to take this adventure on. Take it one day at a time and know that I am totally cheering you on. I'm the president of your fan club. LOVE YOU!

Season said...

Wow, this is amazing! You are such a great mama and I'm happy that I finally got to meet you, that girl that seems to have it all together with all those adorable kidlets!