Saturday, August 28, 2010

Here We Are...Almost Cowboys!

One weekend  this August we rented this very large 15 passenger van {notice super-sized roof rack} and made the trip down to Southern Oregon for a wedding.  Not just any wedding but the wedding of Mike's favorite friend from Chiropractic school.  Nick's bride Bailey is a cowgirl through and through.  She lives on a ranch at the top of the world and she is a champion barrel racer.  Serious cowgirl!

We did our best to look the part.

Mikayla had it down with the boots.

Mailee had the right idea.  She even had lacey "puffed sleeves"...not quite a belt buckle but I think I saw something like that on CMT once.

Maddie went all out.  Perhaps hay-bailing is in her future?

K sorry, boots and buckles just didn't happen for Caleb.  Getting him to wear and keep clean a shirt with a collar and buttons was my personal victory with my son for the day!!  What a cute boy!  He is on the top of a large pile of hay bales.  I couldn't even reach his feet from where I stood below.

Oh our little cub{calf in country speak}!  I saw some teeny cowgirl boots at Target but decided on black mary janes which will most likely be better received on a day to day basis by the babe:)

Ya there is nothing country about us either, but don't we look happy?  

I can't wait to show the photos of the rest of this real-deal-hoedown-best-wedding-ever!!  Stay tuned:)


The Hayes Family said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! Love the photos! and Congrats to Nick, too!

Julie said...

What a beautiful family!! Loved your pictures!

Holly said...

That looks SO fun!! Looks like you've had a very busy, fun filled summer :)

Anonymous said...

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