Sunday, September 12, 2010

First Art Project at Home

On Tuesday of last week we made memory verse posters.  The kids rushed through all their other work to get to this fun project.  I gave them each the freedom to choose whatever color of cardstock they wanted, opened up the craft box and announced that they had free reign of everything.  I taught them how to salvage the excess glitter and then promised I would not get involved.  

I actually left them alone at the table during craft time!!

This may not seem like a feat of great self control but if you know me or have ever done crafts with The Craft Nazi{eh hem...ME} then you would know how much resolve it took me to allow my children the freedom to enjoy craft time on their own and let them do it their own ways!!

I am quickly learning that my kids can do a lot of things and their way does not always have to be my way.  Eeps.  This year I will hopefully learn to find a happy balance between being in control when the time allows and stepping back to watch them succeed at the right times.

I have not done so much thinking, figuring, reading or measuring since I was in school myself.  I have discovered where the line is that divides the continents of Europe and Asia and I have helped draw a "to scale" map of a bedroom.  

All 4 of my oldest kidlers said John 3:16 by memory and although the older two already knew it, I loved the look of pride on Caleb and Maddie's faces when they had accomplished this task!

Maddie said "Mom, I have John 3:16 in my head AND in my heart!"

How sweet to hear those words from an excited little 6 year old and how rewarding to be home for her exciting discovery!

Caleb asked me if he could say the verse.  
I really hadn't planned on him doing it and I had no idea he knew it.  What a good boy!

Cait was so excited when we sat her in her high chair with her own box of crayons and a blank sheet of paper!  We all watched her as she worked those crayons.

Two handed grip!

Action shot.  Look at her little hand go!!


Grandpa Russ said...

Sometimes it really is hard "to let go," but that's what helps them spread their wings so someday they can leave the nest and fly on their own!

Good job, too, with your own self-discovery within the teaching role.

As a side note, it looks like Cait's gonna be a lefty like her big sister!

Onward to week two!


Anonymous said...

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