Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Skirts From Grandpa

We got a box in the mail today from Grandpa Russ.  
Inside were 4 fun pettiskirts in all different bright colors.  What a fun surprise!!

These skirts are so twirly.  They love them.

We had a trip to the park planned and all 4 girls wore their skirts.  

 Watching the bunnies in the bushes.

 Little Caiter is just one of the kids these days.  She does whatever they do.  They are all really great at helping her along and keeping her up with the pack What fun my kids have together {most of the time}.  I love it when they get along!

Five kids {soon to be six} might seem like a lot to most people but when I look at this photo, I see 5 individuals who are each an important part of something fun, safe, rewarding and lasting.  They will always have each other and I can't think of much else in this world {aside from living out God's purpose in our lives and sharing His word} as worthwhile as raising a big, close, crazy happy family!!

Grandpa Russ:  The skirts were a huge hit.  Everyone was thrilled and they raved about them all day long.  A big thank you for that spontaneously random fun package!!!


Jacqueline said...

what a wonderful surprise! we LOVE pettiskirts too. those ones are particularly beautiful!

Grandpa Russ said...

Yea! They arrived and didn't disappear into the depths of Canadian Customs somewhere!!

I'm glad the girls enjoyed the surprise, it's fun to get stuff that way. Especially if you're not expecting it!

Now just have to find something for Caleb. . .

Grandpa Russ

Obwald Family said...

my girls have the same ones...they are ADORABLE!! and so fun to wear