Saturday, August 7, 2010


Eek!  I have fallen behind on blogging!  Here is my quick catch up...

Mike and I went to a lovely wedding here in Kelowna.  It was nice to get out on the town and have some grown up time!  A friend of mine loaned me 4 amazing dresses and a bunch of fabulous shoes to choose between.  It was so fun to play dress up with someone else's adorable stuff!

Can you tell we are having a lot of fun?  It was a great night.

Notice my fun jewellery?  I have a friend who sells Stella & Dot and she loaned me a bunch of fun stuff to wear.  It was smart on her part cause now I am hooked.  I want it all :)  I am having a party August 24 if you are interested, just email me!!

Enough about me, let's get to the kids!!

The girls begged me to do the Farmer's Market before our trip to Westport so they could make a little spending money.  We had our cutest set up yet if I do say so myself.  The girls are such fun company and they have created their own little company with lots of cute items for sale.

"Paisley" is their company name.  How cute is that!?!?  Maddie was so thrilled to finally get a chance to come to the Market with the big girls.  She was a great asset to their team.

I have much more to share; lots of photos from our trip to Westport, photos from our visit with Grandma Bev in Seattle, and a story about our scary experience alone on the side of a mountain highway. 

 I know, sounds exciting, right?  Stay tuned!!


The Denis Family said...

Love Maddies' hair. A great length for her!

Christa said...

Reminds me of our 6th grade economics unit with the refrigerator boxes. I'm sure our business name was not as cute as Paisley, but I remember selling pencil toppers made from those little colored pom-poms. Fun memories!

Bev said...

I love the look of your set up...the aprons that coordinate are my favorite! Hey, pencil toppers....go girlies!