Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympics 2010

 So it's all about the Olympics here in Canada.  And for good reason, this country is very proud to be hosting the winter games right now!!
I must admit, I am kinda proud too!
{You know I did get a perfect score on my Canadian Citizenship test last month!}
 In honor of my Canadian pride I bought my kidlers some patriotic gear...

 Aren't they cute? 

And the girls bought some red mitts with their own money...

Mailee made a point to display both the front and the back;)

Mikayla is showing off the official Olympic patch on her arm...

This year the girls' school is putting on their own Olympics.  
I went to the opening ceremonies.
Here is what I saw...

A class full of cute kindys showing their Canadian pride!
(the whole school was split up into countries.  They made all the kindergartners Canadian)
Notice the torches?
Nice touch!

These are two of Mikayla's friends representing Brazil.  
Each country did a lap around the gym.
{notice the bows...on Grade 4 girls = AWESOME!}

The Kindys came in last with all their Canadian pride and their cute torches.

Happy Olympics to you!
Who will you cheer for?

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Grandpa Russ said...

Wow! Maddie looks a lot like her big sister in that Kindergarten group pic!