Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just Hanging Out

 Here is Caleb counting his Rescue Heroes.

I'd better set the scene:
It is 6pm on Saturday night.
Mike is sitting on the couch watching the Olympics.
I am doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and making party invitations.
oh- and snapping these photos of the kidlers just hanging out...
My favorite thing about this set of photos is all the "real life" going on in the background.  
Our home is never quiet.
There is always lots of action!

Now Caleb is recounting the heroes because he put them in order by what kind of job they have.
"seventeen, nineteen, twenty,twenty two..."
Again: notice the background.

Now he is lining them up "better" because some of them were not right next to each other.

 Maddie is giving Cait-bear a ride in a tub.
She seemed to like it.
She has no choice in the matter really so I think she is learning to just roll with the punches:)

She is also learning what she can do to frustrate the kids.
Here she is coming in to destroy Caleb's hero lineup!
He looks happy about this, dontcha think?
{Notice: sock, arm hold, mischievous look }

And lastly, here's a photo of baby with her new front teeth!


Bev said...

Looks like a happy, healthy family!!! Love the Hero line up!!! (So glad I know how NOT autistic the little guy is!)

The Denis Family said...

Very cute! Boy I got tired just watching all that action! You are supermom with the patience of Job!

Yes the Autism warning sounded for me too...but we all know how Not true that is!

Meadow said...

what a great series of shots!! your house looks like fun. :-) I want to come play!

The Obwald family said...

love the play by play, love the background while caleb is trying to do his own thing and is not messing with anyone else...then cait comes right on through and messes him up. leave it to the little one. :)

The Mills Family said...

Ha!! Looks like my house ;) Caleb does the same thing! He loves to line up his super heros and dinosaurs... and of course Micah loves to demolish them!!