Monday, February 8, 2010

Baking Playdate

This weekend Mailee and Maddie each got to invite a friend over.  
Here is Mailee with her friend Mikayla getting ready to do some baking.

Here's Maddie with her friend Aspen mixing up the dry ingredients.
This is Maddie's new "teeth out" smile.  
No comment.

The ladies sporting aprons and trying to decide who will crack the eggs.
The younger girls agreed that this was a job for the big girls.

Aren't these the cutest eggs ever?
A patinet brought them in to Mike.
He has so many sweet patients!

These colors make me happy. 
I am thinking about making twirl skirts for the girls out of the scraps from these aprons.

Caleb was assigned the job of "taste tester".
(mainly because the girls didn't want him helping)
He didn't mind his job.
He actually quite liked it.
Can you tell?

Finished product:
white icing 
light pink pearls
red sprinkles
white decorative sugar
hot pink decorative sugar



Meadow said...

I love the work you're doing to raise the next generation of bakers!! Such a great task. :-)

Jacqueline said...

love the aprons! twirl skirts would be gorgeous!