Saturday, February 6, 2010

Caleb and Caitlyn and I went to "play school" today.  Cait is just along for the ride, Caleb is there for his first little introduction to school!  He is having a great time.  Today his friend Josiah came too.  Can you believe it, I have no photo of this event.  I apologize.  I will bring my camera next time:)

Other things going on in Banmanland...

*Mike got me a flight to go see Gretch!  Cait and I will be hanging out in Colorado for an entire 6 days!

*Mikayla has been going skiing with her school on Thursdays.  She is linking it. I never imagined ski lessons could be a part of a school curriculum!?!  I guess that's just the California girl coming out in me!

*Mailee and Maddie have been enjoying their shared room now that Mike got closet organizers in their closets and I put down two gorgeous fluffy hot pink rugs.  We unpacked all of the Pollys and Ponies and they are happy down there for hours!

*Mike has a big Extreme Makeover tomorrow.  I am so proud of him, he really is passionate about true health and helping people understand how to attain it.  The seminars that he does are not just about Chiropractic, they touch on all the toxins in our environment and our lifestyle as well. If you haven't been to one, you should!!

*I have been selling bows long distance, I set up Paypal and it has been great!

Projects on the go...

*planning Maddie's Hello Kitty party
*making hair flowers
*making bows, bows and more bows
*sewing giraffe stuffies
*making Valentine's for the girls' classes
*working on a greade 4 science project
*planning Cait's 1st birthday
*dreaming on Etsy
*sorting through the bins of girl clothes (when am I NOT doing this???)
*organizing the laundry room
* looking into pre school programs
*making royal icing hello kitties
*hulling out my closet now that nothing fits AGAIN
*editing some photos
*contemplating starting a new sewing project....

Wow, posting a photo is much easier.  I hope this didn't bore you to sleep!


Christa said...

Knowing you, you have every detail planned for the Hello Kitty party, but just in case, you must check out these:

The Denis Family said...

giraffe stuffies???

colleen banman said...

Christa- I have seen those! I have copied bakerella before with her cute cupcake pops and i am considering doing it again with the kitties!!!!

kim- cait is having a giraffe themed first birthday :)

Anonymous said...

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Grandpa Russ said...

And your clothes don't fit because???


colleen banman said...

no Dad, because i am back to my normal size.

Anonymous said...


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