Saturday, January 2, 2010


Our family is going through tooth issues. Cait is working on getting 4 teeth in at once all along the top of her mouth. Meanwhile Maddie is losing teeth at a rapid rate. Mailee seems to have tapered off but I am sure her molars will begin to be an issue soon. Mikayla has been losing molars like it's going out of style. Molars are a lot of work to get out...eeps, creeps me right out. I am not a fan of tooth issues of any kind! As if all this is not enough, Mikayla smiled yesterday and I noticed that up in her gums there are MORE teeth! They are rapidly approaching their destination and the "babies" have not yet come out. Soon they'll be vying for those positions and oooh, eeew, I remember what that looked like in MY mouth 20 years ago! YIKES!
To top it all off, we have a VERY lazy and forgetful and rather "change poor" tooth fairy in our home. She never seems to be able to find the quarters or get them under the pillow in time. Sometimes she leaves the tooth on the bathroom counter and it gets found. Oops. Can you blame me? Remember, I said I do not enjoy all this tooth business to begin with!
Thanks for listening, I just needed a safe place to voice my tooth troubles :)
And now what you all came her for in the first place....... pictures!
This is my little Caiters in her most comfy position, with her sucky fingers in and holding a lock of my hair. AWE, too cute!


Macknicki Family said...

Yikes, that's a lot of teeth "issues". I hope Cait is better at getting new teeth than Noah. He got 8 new teeth at once this summer and he was pretty much a nightmare the entire time.

Stacey Munro said...

Yikes. You're freaking me out!
I imagine Gabe should start getting some loose ones soon. He didn't get his first tooth til 10 months, so I guess he might wait a bit more to lose them.
Got anything else you need to prepare me for?!

Grandpa Russ said...

Hmmmmm. . . Is it time to call Dr. O for Mikalya?