Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random Happenings In Our House

This is Caleb playing Disney Sing It on the PS3.  He has one song that he chooses every time, it's "get your head in the game" from High School Musical.  He sings "getcha head in the game, getcha head in the game" over and over through the entire song and usually ends up scoring pretty well.  He is hilarious cause he dances through his whole turn too!

Here is Cait peeking around the corner.  She got caught going into Caleb's's not safe for her in his room with all the little pieces and never-ending MESS!  Our little girl loves to crawl around the house exploring all the rooms and looking for random treasures to put in her mouth.

"peek a boo Mommy, I see you too!"

Sometimes we go on walks.  Caleb loves this, Cait doesn't mind unless it's cold.  She had no interest in being bundled up.  It just rubs her the wrong way.  She is NOT a fan!  My happy little content-all-the-time baby turns into a big sucky-poo whenever I put her in her snow gear.  Here is the evidence.  Look, that's what she looks like when she is MAD!  Caleb is saying "MOOOOM!  Get her off of me!!!!"

There's my boy at the top of the hill!  He was quite proud.

Please note: he is wearing two different mitts...both for the right hand.

Caity bear thinks her sucky fingers are oh so tasty.  She wants her sisters to think so too...Here she is offering her other fingers to Mikayla to have a try.  Notice Maddie is holding baby and Mailee is across the table watching.  This is a common occurrence, as if there is nothing else going on...babies are great entertainment!


Meadow said...

I love the updates, Colleen. It's so fun to watch your family grow and hear what is going on in the far, bitter cold North! ;-)

Bev said...

Little tiny pieces of life that make up the rich tapestry of a family! The two mitts are the exclamation mark!