Friday, January 15, 2010

Blankies and Lovies

Not sure if I ever shared Cait's blankie and my new little favorite baby gift...

Here is her big blankie.  It is super soft minky on one side and satin giraffe pink on the other.  I used felt to make the monogram.  I love that finishing touch!  I made a matching one for Gretchen's baby Sophia.  Cait and Soph ended up being born 1 day apart!

I also made each girl a matching taggie blankie.  I have changed the name of this to a "lovie" because that is what it has become!  The lovie has the same giraffe satin on the back.

Cute coordinating ribbons all around the edge.  So many fun ribbons.  I have quite the collection so it was fun to use up a few scraps and also add some of my personal favorites! (This is a horrible picture...hello?  White balance anyone? Geez!)

My favorite feature- a personalized tag!
I made Sopie's to say "you are loved".  This is my best attempt at embroidery:)

I have gotten so many compliments on the lovie and the babies both really love them so I started making them for special baby gifts.  Here is a blue and pink one.  It is minky zebra on one side and hot pink satin on the other.  I kinda dig animal prints!

Pink and grey!

I love the loops because I can hook her toys to the blankie or hook the blankie to the stroller...It is so versatile and a really great size!

I have thought about putting a few up on ETSY.  Hmm...perhaps one day.  I'll add this to the list of things I dream of doing once the kiddies get a little bit older and I have a second to breathe!


The Hayes Family said...

Sophie LOVES her blankie. She snuggles into it and all is right in the world. My favorite part is the custom tag too.. so special!!

Jones Family said...

Eden and I ADORE the pink and blue "Lovie" with the minky zebra print that you made for her!! We feel so loved, and get sooo many compliments on that blanky! p.s I was totally thinking the other week that you should sell some on if you weren't already!! So take that as a confirmation? :) I think so!
Your amazing!