Thursday, November 13, 2008

Growing Up So Fast!!

I forgot to mention a big event in Banman Land...Maddie lost her second tooth! Kinda sad how the milestones that are such a huge deal with the first child get lost amongst the busyness with the second, third, fourth... At any rate, Maddie is thrilled with the "big hole" in her mouth and the shiny looney in her wallet (American translation: tooney= $2 coin).
I am once again struck with how quickly our children are growing up! Maddie has no evidence of "baby" left behind, she is all big girl. Part of me wants time to stand still so I can always have little tiny cute people around that need me but another larger, more realistic part of me can't wait to see all the stages to come!

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Grandpa Russ said...

So that "wiggler" in MN finally came out, eh?