Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Family Wedding

We just got home today from an awesome week in Minnesota. Why Minnesota?? Because that is where my brother Eric's new wife Sarah is from and this past weekend they were married in this beautiful setting in downtown Minneapolis' Como Park Conservatory.
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This trip was our first opportunity to meet Sarah because she is also in the US Air Force over in Germany. It was great to get to know her and see them interact as a couple. I am so glad they decided to get married in the States so that we could be a part of their day and also meet her and her family!!

One of the highlights for me was that my little guy was the ring bearer! He was so cute in his little vest. Here he is looking a little nervous as he gets his boutonniere pinned on.

Here he is in action...and Mike too, as the best man!

We did a lot of other fun things while in Minnesota. Our hotel was really close to the Mall of America which was a dream come true for me, a worst nightmare for Mike (and Caleb). The boys were troopers though and we managed to meet in the middle with some shopping and some "other" fun; trick or treating, roller coasters, mini golf, aquarium, movies, swimming...

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Bev said...

It was an awesome weekend...and for me the greatest joy was having both of my kids and their spouses and my grandkids all in one place at the same time!! Great memories!

Grandpa Russ said...

I'll echo Bev's comments completely, it was a wonderful weekend. . . 8^)