Monday, November 17, 2008

Basketball in Kamloops

After the birthday party, the family packed up and drove to Kamloops to watch Brian play basketball. Mike and Caleb and Mike's dad have been driving to Vancouver almost every weekend of the season to support Brian. This is his last year playing and the guys do not want to miss out! The 2 hour drive to Kamloops as opposed to the 4 hour drive to Vancouver made it possible for EVERYONE to come!

The FAM at the game :) Everyone is here...that's harder to do these days! We should just make this the Christmas card!!

The "other team's" mascot was quite friendly! Caleb was terrified of him.

Maddie is our videographer! She loves to videotape.
Terri captured this adorable picture that is SO Maddie!

The team

Brian shooting. He was the leading scorer, we were so proud!

Brian's team, the Trinity Western Spartans (where I went to college, too :) won the game.

Oh- exciting news- the other team even had cheerleaders!! I would say they rivaled a mediocre high school squad in the US but I was glad to see them there and in their defense, they were swimming up stream trying to excite an un-excitable crowd, er, country. I love Canada but the majority are lacking any passion for sporting events. At least the events I have attended... Perhaps they save their enthusiasm for hockey?


Grandpa Russ said...

Yeah TWU!!!

Levecks said...

yes i think they do save it for hockey... you forgot to mention the die hards in the front row... i almost lost my voice, i guess i was trying to make up for the rest of the crowd.. haha

great picture of the cheerleaders!