Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Face lift for the Waterpark!

We took in the City Park Water park for the first time this summer on the weekend. The water park has undergone a major face lift and we were impressed. Things we noticed:

-pooh bear was gone (this is a good thing)

-new cute red and white polka dotted mushroom

-better water guns

-a cool dumping bucket

I think they secretly like to pose all together, they do it so willingly!

Mikayla, such a big girl now!! Always thinking, always looking for more fun, helpful and responsible.

Dainty little Mailee! Creative and sensitive, caring, cautious and delicate.

Maddie the rebel- going down the slide on her tummy! Loud and confident yet attached at the hip to me in an unfamiliar crowd.

Whee! Baby Caleb, expressive, committed, stubborn and sure.


Grandpa Russ said...

Ah. . . the joys of childhood fun playing in the water in the summertime!


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