Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Extreme makeover: Blankie Edition!

Madison's blankie has been with us since Maddie was born. I made it for her before she came along. I wrapped her in it when she was brand new. I put her to sleep with it faithfully for the first many months until it became a necessary part of her bedtime routine. Maddie was a blankie baby through and through.

Now she is 4 and still loving her blankie. I am okay with it, it's a security for her...I am not speaking for the other adult in my house:) (Mike has politely asked me to stop referring to blankie as a "her"!!)

Anyways, Maddie cut a hole in her blankie a few months ago (a semi-accident) and since then poor blankie has been going downhill fast! Somehow I convinced Maddie that blankie needed an extreme makeover. We found some gorgeous lavendar silky fabric to replace the tattered waffle fabric.

In major need of a makeover!

When Maddie saw this photo of her blankie in two, she cried!

Sewing on a new binding...will the little lady approve?

She loves it!

Still loving the blankie:)

Gretch and Erin- The waffle fabric is gone...I was thinking about you guys!! :)


Allison Vasquez said...

Good job on the makeover. It turned out great! You're so crafty in so many ways!

The Hayes Family said...

Oh, I love the soft waffle material. Good memories!! Way to go with salvaging the blankie. I am happy that Maddie has many more years of comfort with it!