Thursday, August 1, 2013

Old House, New House

We are moving!
Taping boxes and packing and labeling and cleaning...
It's a process, and it's driving me nuts but we are in the home stretch and I am excited!

We have lived in our home for almost 7 years.
Two babies have been born here.
Lots of celebrations, lots of meals, tons of learning...
It's been a great house for us.

A family that we know is going to be moving in, I hope it will be a great house for them, too:)

(this is the back yard of our new house)

We are ready for more space for the kids to run and play.
I am looking forward to less time driving.
{our new house is 8 minutes from dance, Mike's office, the mall, the grocery store...everything}
There is room for my Mom.
We can't wait to make new memories in this new home.

For realz tho...
I don't do well with the in-between.
I am slightly worked up right now about the little details.
There are a lot of little details and I don't like not having them all nailed down.
We have one week between our move out date and our move in date.  It should be an adventure!

Will you support us in prayer over the next two weeks?
I would so appreciate that.
I can feel the uneasiness from the littlest girls, and the restlessness from the middles {as we pack up all their toys and entertainment}, there is lots to be done and I don't want to be a crazed psycho nazi Mom as I'm asking the older girls to help. 
Thanks friends!

I cant wait to update you once we are IN!!!
August 15 is move-in day.

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B.H. said...

Ugh! Moving can be so hectic and stressful! You're new house is beautiful! I'm so happy for you guys and will keep you in my prayers as you go through this move!