Sunday, July 14, 2013

Caleb's 7th Birthday


I think Instagram has ruined me with it's instant-ness.
Or maybe it's my iPhone?
I hardly sit at my computer to do much of anything these days, let alone blog.
It feels so redundant.

But I have sweet people who remind me that they like to hear what I write.
{insert surprised face here}

So- here is my feeble attempt {once again} to get caught up!

I had all of the family come for Caleb's birthday this year, at his request.
He made some friends this year at hockey but when it came to his big day, he really wanted laser tag with his cousins and the dads and uncles and grandpa!
Talk about easy-peasy!

the girls... back to the party, I was just too lazy to switch the order of the pictures around:)

Favours in cute bags.
I had to make something cute, right??

Because the party guests were of all ages and genders, I gave him a $5 limit for each kid and let him choose (with help from sisters) a gift that suited each kid.

I've never done it that way but it worked great!

Birthday boy loved playing in the arcade.
I don't get the arcade.
But I don't get video games either so maybe I'm the strange one.

He had lots of male support.

Breezy had support too:)

Caity and Aunty Tammy.
She got bored of this game about 45 seconds after she started.
Ha ha, maybe she doesn't get the arcade either?

Just dance!


Caleb and his favourite guys.


Here's the whole crew all suited up for laser tag.
Caleb was so stoked!

Checking out their scores afterwards.

Caleb and I googled cakes until we found one that suited his requirements and mine.
This was the end result.

So those are layers of ice cream.
{coconut ice cream to be exact}
The middle is a strip of chocolate ganache.
The base is chocolate chip cookie
The top has cut up squares of chocolate cake.

It was so good.

Laser taggers:)

Awe, he had such a great day!

Happy birthday song:)

Surrounded by people who love him.

Caleb and Ethan both got handcuffs as their favour:)

This picture is from his "real day".
We have a tradition in our home where the birthday kid wakes up to something exciting, usually some form of decorating in their bedroom.
{it started with a few streamers but sometimes it gets much more elaborate}

For Caleb, I put one clue in each of 7 balloons around his room.  Each hour he got to pop one balloon and read the clue.  Some clues led him on a hunt for a gift, some suggested he go have birthday pancakes.  He loved this!

Birthdays are so fun.
And boys get excited over different things.
It was great to celebrate him in the way that was most fun for him!

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Grandpa Russ said...

Thanks for the update! Snippets here and there on FB & Instagram lack the passion that's expressed in your blogs.

It's hard to keep up when you're 1200 miles away!