Saturday, August 31, 2013

Taylor Swift RED 2013

I don't know, do you need a lot of words for this?
We went to Taylor Swift's RED was amazing just like we expected it would be.
She puts on a fabulous show.

{Que Photos}

At the River Rock, on their way to the pool!
{the extra blondie is Claire, a friend from California.  It was special to have her and Shannon to share this fun event with!}

Red lips, obviously.

My girlies in their outfits!
They dreamed this whole ensemble up themselves...I thought they nailed it.
{cutest outfits at the concert, as far as I'm concerned...and I'm not biased at all}

Getting ready to hop on the Sky Train!

13's on the hands...of course:)

Their sleeves said "it feels like a perfect night"
{lyric from a Taylor song}


The girls found their jean jackets in the little girls section of thrift stores.
They wanted a cropped, 3/4 length look.
Very clever!

I may have risked my life for this shot.
Abby road, right?

Such a fun night!

Shannon and I were there too, here's the proof:)

My girls in front of the Keds display...wearing their Taylor Swift Keds.

Taylor did not disappoint.

It really did feel like a perfect night.

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