Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!!

We rang in the new year with lots of fun.
We played games
 threw confetti
drank sparkling cider
all by 9m.
{yay for east coast TV!!}

Baby with a glow stick.

Woo hoo, a new year!!

A set up confetti "re-throw".
{because "Mom's always gotta get a picture"}

What are we most thankful for this year?

6 happy healthy kids.
A loving God to trust, lean on and place our hope in.
A marriage that allows us to continue honing our teamwork and communication skills.
An exciting and vibrant chiropractic practice and community.
Family and friends that care for us and our kids.

Feels so good to have a fresh start.
A new year.
We have big hopes and dreams and plans for 2012.
We encourage you to sit down with your family (no matter how young) and write down some of your plans and dreams.  
This is how things get done!!

In the meantime, there's a mess to clean up.

And I've got just the guy for the job:)


Grandpa Russ said...

I see Grandpa Don is doing a masterful job of supervising Caleb's clean-up efforts in that last photo! Hehehe. . .

Happy New Year to all!

Grandpa Russ

Dr. Michael Banman said...

You are amazing Colleen. Your perspective on life always encourages me! I love you.