Monday, January 16, 2012

Snowy Family Pictures By Simone

 Hey!  My Christmas cards have most likely made their way to their final destinations so I can finally share the fun photos from our photo shoot with Simone.
{most of which you have already seen plastered all over the blog!}

Originally I envisioned sun-drenched autumn photos with tan kids and fall leaves.  
 By the time I got my act together and scheduled the session, it was cold and the forecast called for SNOW!!! 

I had a slight panic the night before
{wet shoes, red noses, whiny kids, cold hands...}
 but Simone reassured me that all would turn out fantastic and she was soo right!

I love how unique these photos are.
The snow makes them amazing!!

Look at my cute kiddos!

This Narnia-like photo is my favourite!

The girls:)





Cait played shy for her close up.

{Simone even made Cait's pouting look adorable!}



A big family hug.

My love!

In case you are thinking that your family hates getting their pictures taken and mine loves it, here's my dose of reality...
As we were getting out of the truck Mike instructed the kids "Do exactly what she says so we can get this over with as quickly as possible"
{no offense to Simone of course:)}
I am not sure why men are not into pictures but ever since our wedding day (and the hours of photos he endured) I have known that it is an act of love when Mike willingly agrees to a photo shoot:)
{Thanks honey!}

I am working on a post with some tips for planning a fabulous family photo complete with a mini tutorial, color scheme thoughts and some prop ideas.

Does your family enjoy photos as much as you do?
Or is it just me fighting the masses to get a pretty pic?


Unknown said...

I really liked the colours throughout the kids clothes. Not too matching but blended so nicely. Not that I expected anything less, just letting you know how much I liked it...of course there was that subliminal message to me at the end....

Meadow Brianna said...

Colleen, We have your Christmas card on our fridge, and I enjoy looking at it every time I get something there. The colors you chose are so great with the snowy background and you did such a terrific job blending the colors so that everyone is linked together in their own unique ways. Just like their personalities. Fantastic job!

Dara Wills said...

Those are amazing! I love doing photo shoots, too. Our last one was at the beach, so fun! We always do a family photo shoot on our kid's first birthdays, which has been a fun tradition.

Simone said...

Awww, I love it! Thanks so much for being so great! Seriously, your family was so easy and fun to work with- Mike include. I kid, I kid. ;)
Obviously, I'm a little late with my post. It's coming soon....
Thanks again! Hope to work together again in the future! :D

Kelley said...

My Dave's like your Mike, but he smiles and "obeys" out of love and respect for me. And later, oh, girl! He's SO GLAD to have those memorable, beautiful images. I've even seen him tear-up looking at them. We miss our children living so far away from them...............

Lovely work Simone did, but she had some great people to work with... and God's backdrop didn't hurt matters either!