Saturday, December 31, 2011

9 Months Old!

Cambria is 9 months old!
She has been up long hours the past week working on her two front teeth.
I thought I'd better pause for a moment and get some pictures of my tiny girl before she gets a big girl smile!

Talking to her new piggy.

Chewing on a Lalaloopsy.

Little Sweetheart!

Cambria is crawling EVERYWHERE.
She is eating dates and kamut puffs and all fruits and veggies.
She waves "hi" and "bye bye".
She is pulling up on anything and everything.
She loves to stand along the furniture.

Big sister helping out.


Pretty soon this smile will be full of pearly whites!

See those teeth, they are soo close!

Sissy love.

Another new trick...
On the knees!

I love this picture of both my girls.


Jenny said...

love your new photo at the top of your blog...what a gorgeous pic of you all in your beautiful colours!!

Meghan McKinnon said...

She is the cutest thing. Can't believe she is 9 months already... Cambi is such a precious, joyful blessing to all of our lives! Sweet kisses to her tiny self xoxoxo

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