Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Decor

Here's a quick lesson on how to glitter up your pumpkins.
(I guess it's too late for this year but file this one away for next, it's so easy and soo pretty!)

Caleb helped me.
He squeezed on a whole bunch of Elmer's glue...
then he brushed it on smoothly with a foam brush...
{We used white pumpkins which worked out great because I didn't cover the entire surface with glitter but at first glance they still looked completely glittery.  I think with orange underneath it would have been more noticeable if they were not fully glittered.}

Then he dumped this glitter all over the pumpkin.
(we put newspaper underneath to catch the glitter and pour it back into the jar)

It was really that simple.
It was messy.
We still have glitter everywhere.
I say the mess was well worth the effect!

We have recycled Mailee's party decorations twice already.

First they sat on our front porch...

{I brought the candles in at night for all you safety inspectors out there:}

We had a pretty porch for a few days but we decided to share the love so we took the pumpkins to Mike's office.


I also made a little poster to encourage our friends at Rhino to get creative and avoid ALL that candy!
I got this idea for the Sugar Fairy from a friend.  She gives her girls the option to relinquish their treats received from birthday parties, Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

Have a fantastic Halloween.
Tomorrow is also Cambria's 7 month birthday!!

She will be dressing up as a pink kitty.
Her Grandma sent her a to-die-for flower costume but she is misery on wheels when I put it on so we had to go to plan B.
I am sure the pink kitty will not be lacking in the cuteness department and miss baby will be much more pleasant to be around!

The flower costume is sz 18-24 so there is hope for a walking flower for next year:)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Real Baby Doll

My kids don't have a lot of baby dolls but I think I know why...

Cambria loves it in the dolly stroller.  She happily sits there and allows anyone to push her around for as long as it is required.  She will even sit in the chair patiently and watch while her "pusher" completes any  task; from emptying the dishwasher to going potty.

I wonder what the kids will do when our baby is grown up?  She is their best entertainment!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Mikayla's New Blog

About a month ago Google randomly selected Mikayla's email and asked her how old she was.  Apparently the age limit for having a Google account is 13.  
She answered truthfully and her email and blogs were immediately shut down.


That hasn't stopped my girl.
Mike got a new account for her to use and she started up a new blog right away.

Mikayla is witty and insightful and her posts are always fun to read.

I am also super jealous of her cute background.

Hurry on over to see more from this adorable photo shoot!

Take the time to "follow" her blog and leave a little comment.  I know this will mean so much to her.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We Have A Big Girl On Our Hands!

Cambria Love is growing like a weed.
A really cute,
really soft,
super squishy,
amazingly precious 
little weed.

Here are just a few of the things that are going on with her as she approaches her 7th month...

She sits!

She wears her sissy's watch.
(just for fun, she can't tell time yet:)

She smiles at us.
She giggles at her siblings.

She waves "hi" and "bye bye" on command!
She says "milk", "food" and "all done" in sign language.

She's been making these funny faces..

...we finally figured out why, she cut her first tooth!

And just today I saw her trying to scoot-ch toward a toy and I grabbed the camera.
I captured her first real "army crawling" today!
Such a delightful, even tempered, sweet little baby girl.

Check her out!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mailee's 10th Birthday Party

Mailee's party was a blast.
Here are the details; first the people then the decor.

Mailee was really involved with all the details.
She made these adorable picks the week before the party.

So cute, hey?

Everyone dressed up, even the dads.
This cowboy, pirate and chicken were all great sports!

Mailee's friends looked amazing in their costumes and masks.

Mai Mai was so excited to wear her Marie Antoinette costume.
Her favourite parts were the hair and the fan:)

Little "pink princess" was so proud to wear her pretty dress and hold up her mask!

Us big girls got into it too.
Christmas Fairy, Flower child, prom princess and Lady Pink.

Somebody missed her nap time!

The spread.
I managed to keep this party free of sweets (with the exception of the cake)

Musical chairs was played more than once.

The girls were asking to play again and again.

Mailee has a collection of collector Barbies.
{Can you say that, "collection of collector Barbies"...?}
She picked these plates and napkins:)

Lanterns never get old for me.
I mixed it up by glittering a few of the small ones and adding some bunches of tulle.

I "swooped" tulle from one side of the room up to the other side.
This gave the room the "grand" feeling Mailee wanted.

We collected candle sticks and other items for a few weeks before the party.
Once we got them home they all got a nice coat of spray paint.


We bought some cheap plastic dress up crowns and wands from the dollar store and spray painted them too.

Mailee's birthday is the week before Halloween so we even spray painted a bunch of real pumpkins.
They looked amazing in gold and shades of pink!

See that cute pumpkin?
How about the candlestick?
There's also a soup can and another dollar store crown.
With a little creativity you can make a little into a lot!

We also glittered a bunch of white pumpkins.
They looked so fabulous!!!

Oh the glittery gorgeousness!!

A few candles got the glitter treatment as well.

Here's a close up of one of the lanterns.
This was also very easy and soo worth the effort!

Ooh!  Another fun thing that I'm so excited to share!
I bought those tacky number candles from the dollar store and glammed them up with gold glitter puff paint, rhinestones and beads.

I also added toothpicks to the bottom of each one so that they would stay in place on the cake.
They turned out so great.
I hope you'll take this idea and run with it.  This makes the possibilities endless as far as tacky candles made fabulous is concerned:)

These candles were the favours.
We found the adorable pink glass vases on clearance and took them to our favourite soy candle creator Granville Island Candles.
They filled them with the flavour of Mailee's choice (Cinnamon Bun).

Oh I also spray painted a few vases gold:)

More pretty-ness.

Looky what I found at Michaels...Gold glittery wrapping paper!
Have I ever told you that I love little details?

Thanks for looking!

I may have missed something, if you have any questions just ask!