Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Park Date With Cait

Thanks for all the comments of support and encouragement!  You guys are awesome and I really appreciate you taking the time to leave some love.

Today the October afternoon fall sun was lighting up the park across the street, beckoning me to pull out the camera.  Cait had been a little squirrelly so I asked her if she would like to go for a date to the park.

Caity is starting to really show all sides of her personality. 
She is boisterous.
She is aggressive.
She is observant.
She is NOT a wallflower!

"peek-a-boo Mom"

What a cutie!
I love her little smile!

"Hey girl-fwend!"
Cait's favourite saying these days.

Me: "What time is it Mikayla?"
Cait: "Mom, it's one-two-fwee-firty"

Her shirt says it all:)

This girl's presence in the house is very large.
She's such a funny girl.
So lively.
So loving.

Precious profile!!

Ok I love this photo of Cait jumping.
I think  it's the first time I've captured her off the ground!

The shoes?
This is SO not a fashion statement.  This is all we could find in the closet.
Plain and simple.

Little Bear!
I love her!

Seriously spunky personality!

Everything about this picture just kills me.
Look at her cute chubby knees, the mis-matched boots and the fab leg warmers...

"How bout one wif me hugging your neck Mom"

Cait: "Can I see it?"
{Looking at camera screen}
"that's nice how bout one more"

Cait: "Okay can I fwing now?"
"Of course you can cute Caity, thanks for the photos!"

I was pondering the whole blogging thing a bit after my last post and I was reminded of the two reasons I started blogging; 1.) To keep my family connected and updated as the kids grow 2.) To document the "little things" in our lives while they are small, to capture a little slice of these crazy days while we are in the middle of them so that one day we can look back and be reminded of the precious sweet times of a young busy house.

I still love these reasons for blogging and along the way I have enjoyed so many other benefits.  Just wanted to share my thoughts on that.
Ya. Okay, that's it for now...two posts this week!  Woo hoo!


Grandpa Russ said...

Cute photos!

I noticed Cait's hair's getting longer, too!

She also looks a bit like Mikayla at this age - my goodness, was that really 10 years ago??

What a great family you've got!


Bev said...

Oh Caitlyn Hope, you are a beauty!!! I love your big personality and your funny ways! I can't wait to see who you will be when you are all grown up!!!

Mo said...

We were cruising through your blog and Izzy says " thats my princess friend" Miss you guys