Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Decor

Here's a quick lesson on how to glitter up your pumpkins.
(I guess it's too late for this year but file this one away for next, it's so easy and soo pretty!)

Caleb helped me.
He squeezed on a whole bunch of Elmer's glue...
then he brushed it on smoothly with a foam brush...
{We used white pumpkins which worked out great because I didn't cover the entire surface with glitter but at first glance they still looked completely glittery.  I think with orange underneath it would have been more noticeable if they were not fully glittered.}

Then he dumped this glitter all over the pumpkin.
(we put newspaper underneath to catch the glitter and pour it back into the jar)

It was really that simple.
It was messy.
We still have glitter everywhere.
I say the mess was well worth the effect!

We have recycled Mailee's party decorations twice already.

First they sat on our front porch...

{I brought the candles in at night for all you safety inspectors out there:}

We had a pretty porch for a few days but we decided to share the love so we took the pumpkins to Mike's office.


I also made a little poster to encourage our friends at Rhino to get creative and avoid ALL that candy!
I got this idea for the Sugar Fairy from a friend.  She gives her girls the option to relinquish their treats received from birthday parties, Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

Have a fantastic Halloween.
Tomorrow is also Cambria's 7 month birthday!!

She will be dressing up as a pink kitty.
Her Grandma sent her a to-die-for flower costume but she is misery on wheels when I put it on so we had to go to plan B.
I am sure the pink kitty will not be lacking in the cuteness department and miss baby will be much more pleasant to be around!

The flower costume is sz 18-24 so there is hope for a walking flower for next year:)


Grandpa Russ said...

You can send all the collected candy to Fresno - I know somebody who can take care of it!


Bev said...

Great decorations!

Bev said...
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