Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mailee's Last Bash

In Banmanland, the over the top parties are limited to 10 per child. 

We still celebrate when they turn 11,12, etc. but not with an elaborate "event".
Knowing this, Mailee has been thinking and planning all year how she wanted to celebrate for her last big party.

The choice wasn't hard.
This girl loves all things fancy and formal.
Her birthday is October 25.
A dress up ball was the perfect theme.

Mailee fell in love with and picked this Marie Antoinette costume.
She looked adorable!

Mailee did not want a lot of games and activities because she prefers being able to visit and hang out to having structure.

I like how she knows what she likes!

This girl of mine loves to read her cards, soaks up every word, lingers on each gift and gives a hug to each friend and family member.  
I can tell she is just savouring every second!

Mailee is my Barbie collector.  
I was not surprised when she requested a Barbie cake this year:)

I have lots of fun birthday party photos with all the fun theme details to share and I'll get to those but I wanted to focus on the birthday girl tonight!


Jill Macknicki said...

what a fun birthday party idea. I've been meaning to ask, how did you get the like, so cute, fun read check boxes on the bottom of each blog post?

Alison said...

I found your blog via pinterest and I just love your birthday celebrations. I'm 25 but I want a birthday very similar to your ten year old's for my next. :)