Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Nephew!

Mike's sister Terri had a baby on Saturday!
She laboured for 37 hours.
She hard core pushed for 3.

All her hard work was well worth it.

Holding my nephew for the first time.
I was amazed how much love I felt for a little person that I was just meeting.

Mikayla and her new cousin.

Mailee checking out his tiny features.

Maddie going in for a kiss.

The three big girls came with me to the hospital but the rest of the crew met the baby at their house.  
Here is our first photo with all 10 cousins.

Every one of these kids is so special and uniquely created. 
They love each other so much.  I am so thankful that my kids have such a fun cousin club!

From these two special people...
5 children
3 children-in-law (so far)
10 grandchildren (so far)
What a blessed and rich heritage!

Cait meets the baby!

She likes him!
She keeps saying "Aunty te-wees new baby my baby cousin"

Look at how big our little lady looks next to her new cousin!!

I was helping Caleb hold Jamin and wasn't able to get a photo.  My arm was falling asleep and Caleb still wasn't done.  He is really sweet with babies.  

What a perfectly adorable little boy!
It's been 6 years since my last nephew was born.
It was about time for a new person in our family that didn't come from me:)
I love the role of aunty!!

Congratulations Terri and Matt on this precious gift from God!


Bev said...

Jamin is a beauty(...handsome guy!) Looks like he has been well welcomed into the family...lucky boy! Love Caitlyn's face as she hold him! Cambria is all stretched out now...Jamin is still scrunched up! 10 beautiful children!

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