Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Caleb's Tooth

Here's Caleb's "Lost My First Tooth" post.  He asked me the other day if I had put the pictures of his mouth on the blog.
Cute that he knows I have a blog.
Sometimes I think he isn't paying attention but that boy of mine, he sees everything!

I was glad that he reminded me about these cute pictures and this very big milestone in his life.
I don't want to become apathetic to the important little events that come up in my younger kids' lives.  Every child is special and all those milestones are amazing moments that mark how much they've grown and should be another chance to stop, reflect and be thankful!

Here's my big boy on the night that he lost his first tooth:

Mike is holding Caleb's extracted tooth.
{That's right, I said "extracted".  My husband is a tooth puller.  When a tooth gets to a certain point on the wiggly scale, he offers to pull it out.  All children so far have happily taken him up on this offer so far.} 

Here he is with his "new smile".  
What a cute boy!

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