Friday, June 17, 2011


The week as my camera phone saw it...

Cambria finally got to sport a romper.
She's cute.

Maddie  gave Cambri a snuggle.
They love each other.

We ate salad every day this week.
We've come a long way.

The cousin club got it's 10th member.
He's precious.

I went to Mike's Dr's report.
I was proud!

We went on a sushi date.
Good food, great company!

We bought a bouquet at the market.
It was unreal, so gorgeous!

Baby had a bath.
I love her!

It rained.

This guy's outfit.
Highlight of the Stanley Cup.

Road trip to Armstrong.
Love these ladies.

Sweet snoozing sisters.
Melt my heart!

Two finger suckers.
What are the chances of this??

The hair too.
Not so fun.

Little cousins holding hands.
Just precious.

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