Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day, School Day

 This morning we geared up and headed outside to enjoy one of God's miracles...SNOW!!  A foot and a half of snow was blanketing everything.  It was so beautiful!!

 Caleb's snow angel.

Mailee looking at how much snow has accumulated on the post!

 Maddie with a  snowy hat.

 We trudged up the path to the top of the hill behind the park.  Would have been more enjoyable if Cait would have walked...perhaps I need a little sled:)

We did this shot in the summer.  The kids tried it in the was a little more difficult!!

Look at Mikayla, she voluntarily picked Cait up so that she could get some air too!

Caiters catching some flakes.

Mikayla catching some flakes too!

This week school has gone really well.  It seems like every day we have {many} moments of frustrations, kids not listening, little spats between siblings, and it seems there is never enough time to fit everything in and get the table cleared for meals and snacks. 

 I am trying not to focus on those details.  The kids are having a lot of fun, we are praying together and learning to work together and the positive experiences outweigh the craziness.  When I think about how much time I used to have with the kids when they were in school, the ratio of meltdowns and arguments/ time together is WAY down from last year.  This is a good thing! 

 Sometimes it is difficult to keep this in perspective when we are together all the time.  There are not many quiet, peaceful, alone moments for me these days.  I suppose one day when I have lots of quiet time and no little people around, I will be so thankful that I chose to have them home and embrace hours of fun, loud kid-filled moments!!!

I hope you {if you live in Canada} get a chance to enjoy the snow with your kids today.  I did not enjoy putting the gear on OR cleaning up the gear afterward BUT it was so worth it to get outside and have fun together!

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Obwald Family said...

Amen to that! Embrace them all, even the not so pleasant moments...they all seem to fly by. I am trying to appreciate them all too :)