Sunday, January 16, 2011

Artistic Adventures With Maddie & Cait

Yesterday my two younger ladies and I had a fun afternoon together painting a great big canvas for their room.  I "nakified" the baby, set out 10 pre selected colors, gave each girl a pile of paint brushes, sat down and enjoyed the mess!

It's amazing how great kids' art can be.
Kids don't worry about perfection or place unrealistic expectations on themselves.
They just like to have fun!

Have you painted with your kids lately?  
It's so fun!
Grab a gigantic canvas and go to town!

Maddie discovered she could make a circle by pushing her brush down and spinning it.  
She went crazy with her circles!  
I love how it turned out!

Maddie was really generous with her blank canvas, she let me and Cait do whatever we liked. 
 It was a big free-for-all!

Here are some of Cait's cute paintbrush marks:)

More beautiful circles!

Here's the finished product up on the wall!

And here's our little baby just a bit messy after her fun painting project:)


Obwald Family said...

wow, LOVE IT! It turned out so pretty.

Holly said...

Love this idea!! Although with my crazy boys, I would probably move the painting fun outdoors! Ha! We may have to make one of these for their playroom :)