Monday, July 12, 2010

Market Season

The blog has been completely neglected because I have been so busy with the Farmer's Market.  Last year we only braved the Market on Wednesdays when it was less busy and not quite so intense.  This year I have tried going on Saturday which has meant getting in line way before the sun rises.  Yikes!  I am not sure how many of those early mornings this night owl can handle:)

Above is a photo of sweet Mailee in front of our spot.

Items of note:
-those are the flags from Cait's party!
-this year I have "walls" to hang the bows on courtesy of Rhino Chiropractic:)
-the table is holding a new little experiment.  I made a bunch of felt masks for boys.  The girls made bean bags and wands and necklaces and keychains
-the masks flew off the table. (sold quickly,not blew away:)  I was surprised and pleased that they went over so well!
-the tent next to us was that of a magic palm reader...BOOO!

This is the first market we did this year.  The set up gets a little better everytime.  The flags really made a difference)

There's that palm reader again!   NOT a fan of being next to him!

I had lots of people asking what I was selling. {really?} I decided to make a few posters of some of my favourite pictures of kids with bows and flowers to eliminate the question.  It's fun when a kid sees their photo on the board!

The market has been a great opportunity for me to spend time with the two big girls.  They seem to enjoy themselves and they are thrilled to earn a bit of cash.  I just love being with them and being able to focus on the two of them.  They are growing into such big girls!


Jenny said...

your booth looks amazing!! I'm so proud of you! great work, it must have been a challenge to get all your stuff made, get there so early and set up such a beautiful display. you are an inspiration.

The Denis Family said...

Looks like fun-and a lot of work!

I love the photos of Miah and Lilah on your board! Cute!

Miss you!

Sue said...

Your booth looks awesome - good for you!! I give you credit for getting all your stock made and being there early. Didn't realize you had to line up to set up as well.
Hope you sell it all!!! Enjoy the sunny weatherz;0

The Obwald family said...

I love it! Wish I could come and join you with all of that cuteness! What beautiful big girls you have and tons of fun to have this special tie with them!

Jen Johnson said...

I wish I could be there to see you, you look so professional. I would buy lots I know. Maybe next year we can make it out for a visit, we keep saying we need to.

Jacqueline said...

It's always fun to see your bright colorful booth at the market! And what great experience for your kids - homeschooling at it's finest:-)