Friday, July 2, 2010

Canada Day 2010

Yesterday was Canada day.  If you live in the States, did you realise that?  I never did until I married a Canadian!  Anyways, the kids were happy to sport their red and white and they even look semi happy to be posing for my photo. (their Daddy, standing behind me, may or may not have been quite as thrilled to stop in the middle of the sidewalk to do this:)

After a long relaxing day of bike rides, crafts, gardening and even a visit with an Aunty, we headed out to the Olympia Greek Taverna for dinner with all the Banmans.  Don and Linda have a new student living with them named Michelle and it was her birthday!

My only photo from the restaurant.  Beautiful Meghan holding Cait.  It was major tag team with the baby.  She was on fire.  She was cranky and acting like princess of the palace!

 We watched the fireworks from the hill by our house, across the lake from downtown.  All the kids were asleep except for Mailee.  Our little night owl.   I guess I need a different lens to capture fireworks from far away and perhaps a bit more knowledge about my camera:)

Oh but here's something I am good at capturing.  The little people!  I love them!

Happy Canada Day!! {one day late} Go hug a Canadian!

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