Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Garden Is Growing!

Apparently our thumbs are a little bit green.  Our garden is looking great.  I am really happy with the outcome as this is the first time we have attempted any gardening.  Here is Mailee harvesting some Romaine lettuce.  The red cabbage leaves have lots of holes.  we are open to suggestions about that:)

These are our peas.  Next year I will plant them in a row with a better structure for them to grow up.  Again, taking suggestions!!

We were all so thrilled when the lettuce grew back after we harvested the first batch.  So incredible!!

Maddie likes to water the garden:)

Mike and Mikayla with the bountiful harvest...free salad is a great thing!!


Melanie said...

mmmmmmmmm, free salad is the best!! I think the holes you have are SLUGS! I have them too. If you crush eggs shells beside the plants the slugs eat them and it shreds their insides....gross I know. SO far my plants are slug free!

Melanie said...
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