Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weekend to Remember in Colorado

Hi!  I am back!  The blog has been neglected because Mike and Cait and I went to Colorado over the long weekend.  Mike went to a Maximized Living conference and Cait and I went to see my best friend in the whole wide world, Gretch.  Gretch had a baby girl the day before Cait was born, you may remember me mentioning this once or twice.

I had one of the best weekends ever.  Here are a few pics to prove it!
Strolling down Pearl ST in Boulder enjoying the peaceful easy feeling of life with one baby!  DOn't we look relaxed?  I have made it my goal to be like this everyday. I can hear all of you who know me saying "Good luck with that".

We got to visit with the Rolfe family.  Daniel and Laurie have 7 children and she home schools them all.  It was a real encouragement to see their family in action! 

Here we are with our babies, Caitlyn and Sophia.  We had such a great time dressing the girls up in matching outfits, watching them play, doing crafts and just talking and laughing and eating and shopping.  This girl knows me inside and out, she is the most familiar soul in my life next to my Mom, our history spans our whole lives and is rich with so many memories.  I can't begin to express how in awe I am of our loving and caring and creative detail oriented God who chose to bless us with little girls just one day apart in age...we made a lot of fun plans as kids (I think we were going to marry twins in a joint wedding at one point) but could not have dreamed of this scenario and it is still surreal how fun this journey has been to share together!

Our little ladies in their dresses from Aunty Jen and the fabulous ruffle leggings we scored at Target for the fantastic low price of $4!  Ahh the cuteness!

Cait was going in for a kiss but it ended up in just a little snuggle session:)

What a refreshing weekend to get away from the business of life, meet some new friends, treasure and old friendship and realize that I really cherish my busy crazy messy home and all the little people who reside within it!

I must add, Mike was a fabulous travel buddy.  We were both so relaxed, it was a lot of fun!  I am thankful that I got to hitch a ride on his travel plans!


Bev said...

I am so glad you girls got to be together with your little ones! They are both beautiful...their little heads of hair are identical! God has certainly blessed your friendship in many ways...babies born at the same time is a special blessing that you could never have imagined...I love it!

Jen Johnson said...

I am so glad the girls got to meet and know they will be fast friends. Maybe someday Tanner can join the party being 364 days older.

The Mills Family said...

Ahhh... so very sweet! So glad you got to visit Gretchen :) That must have been so much fun to see the two little ones interact. You do look quite refreshed in these photos! Welcome back eh?! (that last part was my tribute to the new Canadian citizen) Ha! Congrats!